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Hosted by: DJ Benny

Hosted by: DJ Kammo

Hosted by: DJ Kammo

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 When you book an event with Kammo's Karaoke we will do our very best to make the shows one to remember. We are professional and easy to work with. 
For events & parties we do our best to play the desired music and or karaoke that will keep the energy up from start to finish.
For weddings we control the entire reception from the get go. With the itinerary filled out we follow the schedule on a time line and make sure each event is done on time and in a traditional fashion.
For weekly karaoke events we start on time and try to spread the word to all the local areas of the event to bring in a new following on a weekly basis.
We try to build up a venue that needs help on their slow days and make them the best day of the week.


Hosted by: DJ DAN


Hosted by: DJ Benny


Hosted by: DJ Benny


Hosted by: DJ Benny


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